God created a perfect world without hurt or pain.  He designed human beings to be recipients of His love and to love Him freely in return.  The decision of man to sin marred this perfect design and brought hurt and pain into being.  Sickness and death became mankind’s new reality along with emotional pain that comes from broken relationships.  Hurts happen when the self-centered selfishness of a human being (another new reality because of sin) overtakes the marred image of God in humans. 

God is love, and love never harms another.  Since we now live in a fallen world, we hurt one another much of the time unintentionally.  We all have been hurt, or victimized by Satan, and because hurt people hurt other people, no one escapes the reality of pain in this life.

We hurt one another and respond to hurt in various ways.  Abuse takes many forms including physical, sexual, emotional, verbal and spiritual abuse.  The abuse of power and control seeks to place others in a “less than me” position.  Domestic violence in the home fractures relationships that were meant for mutual respect and care.  Financial abuse uses money as a weapon against another.  Children, spouses, parents and even strangers can be neglected or hurt. 

Resilience is the capacity to “roll with the punches,” i.e., to bounce back from adversity or hurt.  Those with greater resilience tend to be less negatively affected by the hurts of life.  Others are deeply wounded with emotional scars that often last a lifetime without help.

We thank God that He did not leave us to ourselves but rather intervened in our world to infect us with His love.  Love is not only a creative force but also a healing force.  When God creates in us clean hearts and renews right spirits in us (Psalms 51:10), He injects into us (with our permission), the capacity to become healing agents in the lives of one another.  To some degree ewe are all in the process of growing from self-centered to other-centered humans.  It is important to understand that we cannot transform ourselves. 

Our best efforts to love are tainted with mixed motives.  Only God’s love is pure.  As we connect with Him, we become instruments of healing in our own lives as well as in the lives of others.  Let God love and heal you.  Cooperate with His grace in your life.  Set aside resistance and surrender to His love.

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