Intimate Healing Relationship with God

Since the fall of mankind, God has been on a journey with us: a journey to return to intimacy with him.  We often view life through the lens of our journey, but intimacy requires that we look at the journey as a mutual walk initiated and led by God.  We choose to follow because we have experienced His love for us as a personal, powerful force that we do not want to resist.

The challenge that many of us have is that we have a difficult time allowing God’s love in.  We have learned falsely that God is judgmental, distant or disengaged from our lives, a God who is up there somewhere, but not present here with me.  We have much to unlearn about God.  The truth is that He is loves unconditionally, does not condemn, and carries us through many hard times.

When we’ve been hurt, our basic orientation becomes one of fear rather than love.  Fear leads us to turn inward to self-protect.  When we attempt to protect our hearts from pain, we leave Jesus at the door of our hearts knocking to gain entrance.  He won’t force His way in.  He wants intimacy with us that is freely chosen.  He woos us and then He waits for us.

The journey to intimacy with God is one that is well worth the “risk” involved.  The risk from our point of view is that "God won’t respond," that "He wasn’t really there for me," and that "I’m too unimportant for Him to bother with."  The truth is that God is crazy about you, and that He’s been waiting for you to venture out of your turtle shell of self-protection to encounter His massive love for you.  His love is well-worth taking a risk to open yourself to.  After all, didn’t He risk everything for you?

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