Healthy Boundaries:
What they are and how to maintain them.


Marriage Retreat: Ontario Conference

Session 1: Our stories: what we bring into our marriage with Dr.s Beverly and David Sedlacek

Session 2: Barriers to Healthy Marriages

Session 3: Biblical Foundations for Healthy Marriages

Session 4: The Splendor of Christian Sexuality

Session 5: Maintaining the Spark in Marriage

Wounded Families

The Importance of Fathers

Grief and COVID-19 with Dr.David Sedlacek

Pastoral Stress


The episode is titled The Church and Gender Identity

Our friends, and our churches, dialogue and differ, sometimes with significant emotion, regarding how to relate to sexual minority groups. A newly published podcast conversation with David Sedlacek is very helpful! It is informing, based on good data, and is reasonable without being emotional. I wish more could listen to this research done in North America, funded by the Division, and done over significant time. Some will say; “I never realized….” "Excellent help in relating in a Christian context…..”

The Church and Gender Identities

Recovery for Emotional Trauma

The past few months have seen heightened emotional trauma related to COVID-19 and racial tensions, in addition to the usual human tensions that life sends our way. This presentation will address how we can understand and cope with this trauma through the lens of a Christian, recovery worldview.

Lets Talk Family Matters


Journey to Wholeness: Dysfunction in the Family


Healthy Boundaries: What they are and how to maintain them

In order to have a well-developed sense of self, a person must have healthy boundaries, but not walls. This presentation will describe how to develop and maintain healthy boundaries which are essential to healthy relationships. They can also impact the effectiveness of your Journey to Wholeness group meetings.