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Wounding occurs in relationships. Therefore, healing must occur in relationships. Learning how to develop and nurture healthy relationships can be challenging. Even the healthiest of people find that relationships are hard work! This task is made even more difficult when foundational relationships were unhealthy. Without some kind of intervention, the same unhealthy patterns learned in childhood will be duplicated. The capacity to fully trust God and to relate to others in a healthy way is damaged. Emotional healing happens when one encounters a loving God. Biblical tools empower people to create and maintain healthy relationships.

Into HIS Rest Ministries offers practical tools designed to help individuals:

  • Explore hurts, habits, and addictions where you may need emotional healing and freedom.

  • Discover what healthy relationships look like.

  • Experience an intimate healing relationship with God.

  • Build a healthy community of relationships where you can thrive through transparency, vulnerability, and forgiveness.


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