​Inspiring Stories of Emotional Healing
You have a story! Yes, you who are reading these words at this very moment! You have a story that will encourage other people who are on a life journey toward wholeness. Perhaps God has given you peace in a stormy situation. Maybe you are finding healing from a broken heart. Or maybe you are learning precious life lessons about forgiveness or freedom from abuse, depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts. Or maybe you haven't made sense of your life yet, but you realize that sharing what you're going through will encourage another person to know that he or she is not alone. Please browse through the stories posted here to encourage you!

Your Story in Glimpses of the Heart
Glimpses of the Heart is a collection of testimonies from everyday people about the emotional healing that God is bringing into their lives. We are currently collecting these stories from the heart, to be published in 2012. We would love to add your experience to this book because we believe you have a healing testimony to share that will encourage many others in their life journeys. Don't worry; your story can be shared anonymously. We just want to give you the opportunity to share what God is doing for you and to uplift others who are seking peace and emotional wholeness like you.